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Animal Rights Hawaiʻi has fought against captivity of animals since our beginning in 1977 when we worked to expose the cruel conditions at Kewalo Basin Marine Mammal Laboratory where dolphins Puka and Kea were liberated from. After their release at Yokahama Bay, Puka and Kea were seen swimming free off the coasts of Oahu and Molokai. We filed a lawsuit against all the principles involved in Tyke’s death upon escaping the cruel circus in 1994 and we have pushed for legislation preventing such acts from occurring in our state again. As of 2018 wild animal acts including elephants, big cats, bears, primates and crocodiles are prohibited in Hawaiʻi. After years of speaking out and campaigning, in 2017 we received a letter from Ko Olina Resort Developer stating they’ve rescinded plans for the dolphinarium at Atlantis Resort on Oahu.
Throughout the years we have publicized violations, injuries and deaths at the Honolulu Zoo, Sea Life Park, Dolphin Quest, the University of Hawaiʻi and other captive facilities across the islands. Through our investigative research we continue to illuminate the truth behind the captivity industry here in Hawaiʻi while advocating for stronger protections for animals and ultimately for their freedom.