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E komo mai!

We are Animal Rights Hawaiʻi and we’d like to welcome you to our new website! Here you will find information about issues facing animals in Hawaiʻi and ways you can get involved.

In Hawaiian culture, living plants and animals are held sacred. Nevertheless, animals are often mistreated and exploited for their milk, eggs, flesh, fur, as well as their monetary benefit as research subjects and slaves to the captive entertainment industry. In the same way that some animals are considered our ʻaumakua, or guardians, we must show them the same protection in return. Since 1977 Our Work has been to push for protection of animals at county, state and federal levels through public education, investigation, litigation and direct action.

We are a dedicated voice for animals in Hawaiʻi, and as an all-volunteer organization there are many ways you can help end animal suffering. Our News page will feature current topics relating to animals including calls-to-action such as attending public hearings and signing petitions. Stay up to date with us by signing up for our email newsletter through our Contact page and following us on social media.

Big mahalo to our volunteers and supporters, and to Bjorn and Patrick of DigitalBiz Agency for helping to create our beautiful new website!


Aloha, for the animals,

Animal Rights Hawaiʻi


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